The Goal of Sacred Heart School

Our goal at Sacred Heart Grade School is to take each child educationally and spiritually as far as is possible, through example, prayer, and hard work.  We offer superior academics in a school setting emphasizing religious and moral values in order that students may be established in the behaviors and attitudes that lead to a life found pleasing to God, to self, and to humanity.

What is a Catholic Elementary School

What is a Catholic Elementary School?

It is a: GRADE SCHOOL that is committed to teaching Catholic faith and values – Preschool – Grade 6.

It is a: CARING COMMUNITY, where parents, teachers, administrators, and pastors work together to ensure that children receive the FINEST POSSIBLE EDUCATION!

It has: EXCELLENT ACADEMIC PROGRAMS, which strive to meet the individual needs of your child in a changing society.

It has: INSTRUCTION IN CATHOLIC FAITH AND VALUES to help your child acquire skills for personal growth and service to others.

All of this is carried out in an atmosphere of LOVE, PATIENCE AND RESPECT.


Our GOALS are to:

  1. Develop basic skills and good study habits

  2. Tap the full potential of each pupil

  3. Enable each child to feel the joy of accomplishment

  4. Foster personal development according to Gospel principles.


  1. Group discussion

  2. Memorization

  3. Special projects

  4. Games

  5. Stories

  6. Homework

  7. Field trips


  1. Religion

  2. Reading

  3. Mathematics

  4. Science

  5. Music

  6. Social studies

  7. Art

  8. English/Language Arts

  9. Handwriting


Catholic elementary school teachers are fully accredited qualified professionals. They are highly-educated, dedicated men and women.

Most teachers in Catholic Schools today are lay educators. Along with members of the clergy and the religious who teach, they maintain high standards of learning that Catholic Schools traditionally enjoy.




Intellectual discipline helps children increase their ability to concentrate, to think abstractly and to use their imagination.


A Catholic school is an ideal setting for an active spiritual life. It encourages children to respond personally to God, grow in faith, and participate in religious celebrations.


Recreation and physical education activities help children develop coordination, confidence, and a spirit of cooperation


GOOD DISCIPLE results from:


  1. CONCERNED PARENTS, who work as a team with school personnel and are closely involved with the school community.

  2. FIRM CHRIST LIKE VAULES: which give pupils a strong sense of moral direction now and throughout life.