Sacred Heart Parish

Precious Blood Father Frederick Schalk served the Plainville community as early as 1878. The first church was built about 1890 and was enlarged 10 years later. The first resident pastor arrived in 1904. A brick church was completed in 1908. Father Henry Baumstimler arrived in 1908 and opened the first school in 1910. He would stay at the parish until his death in 1943.

The old church was razed in 1951 to make way for a new church, which was completed in 1955. In the interim, the chaple from the Walker Army air base was purchased and moved for use as a worship space and hall. The school built in 1910 was condemned in 1959, so until a new building could be construced, classes took place at various sites in the community. The new school was ready for occupancy in September 1960, and a new convent was built the following year. All of the new construction took place during the tenure of Msgr. Joseph Weimer, who arrived in 1951 with instructions from the bishop to oversee the building of a new church. Msgr. Weimer left the parish in 1967.

The sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia taught at the school from 1911 to 2002. A new entrance to the church was completed in 2003 and the parish offices were moved to the vacant convent in 2013.

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish

Mass was first celebrated here in 1876 by a priest who traveled from Beloit. In 1878, Leavenworth Bishop Louis Fink asked the Precious Blood fathers to care for the parishes along the two northern tiers of counties from Beloit west to the Colorado border. Father Frederick Schalk made Stockton his home base and built a 20 by 50 foot stone church that year. By 1944, the parish had outgrown its church, and plans for a large, English-style edifice were approved in 1948. Construction began in 1950, and the new church was dedicated in October 1951. A new rectory was built in 1960, and stained-glass windows were added to the church in 1966. The original stone church was disassembled, then rebuilt on a smaller scale - 12 by 20 feet - at St. Thomas cemetery. It was dedicated as as memorial in 1963.